Our Mission

The push for strong students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is of national concern.  There are few areas as much in need of these teachers as Alabama, where fourth grade students rank 49th out of 50 states in math.  The goal of this program is to create an opportunity for rising high school seniors and juniors throughout Huntsville to immerse themselves in the culture of science and technology in their hometown, with the hope that they will make connections between these subjects and their everyday lives. It is our mission to help these students understand the importance of math and science, prepare them for success in STEM-related concentrations at the college level, and put them on a path towards career readiness in STEM-related fields.


The basis of the program is college and career preparation. Through our experience with Huntsville City Schools, it has come to our attention that some of our best and brightest STEM students are not getting the exposure or opportunities they need to reach their full potential. Through this program, students will create a Five Year plan, with an emphasis on researching colleges and STEM related careers.  Students will engage in a rigorous ACT prep class to make them strong applicants for college.  Students will then begin to understand the cost of college and what it takes to make college a reality. Students will then begin to understand the steps towards being successful in college, gaining an understanding of the course requirements, leadership activities, and undergraduate research they will need to participate in to make them powerful candidates in the job market.  Professional development opportunities will also be available to students, as they will visit STEM related companies throughout Huntsville.   Additionally, students will visit college campuses in Nashville and Tuscaloosa.

Who Do We Serve?

Three years ago we served 16 juniors and seniors from S.R. Butler High School and Lee High School, and two years ago, we served 45 juniors and seniors from S.R. Butler High School and Lee High School. Last year we served 30 juniors and seniors from J.O. Johnson High School, S.R. Butler High School, and Lee High School. This year we are serving 42 students from J.O. Johnson High School and Lee High School.


Our Goals For Our Students


  • Students will visit at least two STEM related companies in the Huntsville area
  • Students will create a five year plan to guide their final years of high school through college


  • Students will grow their ACT composite score at least 4 points. This will be accomplished by growing the ACT English, Math, Reading, and Science scores by 4 points.
  • Students will have a study plan to implement from the end of the program to the time of their ACT date 
  • Students will be registered for the ACT in September free of charge


  • Students will visit two colleges and talk to students and admissions officers
  • Students will receive one free application to an in-state college
  • 100% of students will be accepted into college
  • 100% of students will receive some type of scholarships
  • 33% of students will receive enough scholarship to cover full tuition

What Our Students Have Achieved

  • Students raised their ACT composite score by an average of 2 points

  • All students who applied to college were accepted

  • Nearly 75% of participants earned some sort of college scholarship

  • Participants collectively earned about $2.5 Million in scholarship money

  • Students were accepted to colleges and universities such as, Alabama, Auburn, Birmingham-Southern, University of Alabama-Birmingham, University of South Alabama, Middle-Tennessee State University, and many more.